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Investigating the effects of BCI decoder error in a one-dimensional center-out task in human ECoG subjects.

Error-related Potentials in BCI: Projects

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) benefit greatly from performance feedback, but current systems lack automatic, task-independent feedback. Cortical responses elicited from user error have the potential to serve as state-based feedback to BCI decoders. To gain a better understanding of local error-related potentials (ErrPs), we investigate ErrPs from the human cortex during a one-dimensional center-out BCI task, tracking the topography of high-gamma (70-100 Hz) band power (HBP) specific to BCI error. We measured electrocorticography (ECoG) in three human subjects and found increased HBP in the somatosensory, motor, and parietal cortical areas 100-500 ms following BCI error...

Manuscript in preparation for submission.

Error-related Potentials in BCI: About
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